A Tale of Two Trans Women: Marvel & DC

Trans characters in comics are still far and few between despite the growing visibility and awareness of transgender people in the world. Still today’s release of Batgirl #45 was a hallmark for having the first trans character getting married in comics. But this week was a great week in comics not just for that, but… »10/30/15 12:11pm10/30/15 12:11pm


Will Maine have the first openly Gay Governor elected in the US?

Mike Michaud, the democratic candidate who currently serves as a US representative for Maine's 2nd congressional district is in a dead heat with incumbent Tea Partier, Paul LePage for the 2014 governor election. Maine's politics are a little more complicated than many states in that the governor has been elected by… »6/24/14 10:43pm6/24/14 10:43pm

"Queer Signifiers" Are Not A Horrible Joke

There are a bunch people bashing on the article about signaling your queerness on the MP, essentially saying, as Mayati put it, "Clothes? Signaling orientation? NO WAY, I deny queer culture its signifiers!" I get that a lot of them are trying to be allies, and they're just thinking, "omg, what is wrong with your ugly… »4/21/14 9:44pm4/21/14 9:44pm

Trans Women, Male Privilege, Socialisation, and Feminism

There is a common refrain among some trans activists that male privilege either does not exist or is insignificant to trans women's experiences. There is a common refrain among some radical feminists, largely trans exclusionary radical feminists, that trans women never lose male privilege at all and that male… »3/04/14 1:35pm3/04/14 1:35pm

Surprisingly Progressive 1980s Manga/Anime Flips The Script On Gender Identity

Stop!! Hibari-kun! is a manga (comic book) which ran from 1981 to 1983. It was animated in 1983 as a 35 episode television series. The plot is relatively simple, a boy named Kousaku is left parentless when his mother dies after a long illness (his father had died years before) and goes to live in Tokyo with a friend… »3/01/14 11:04am3/01/14 11:04am

Tokyo: Gay Bars, Gundam Cafes, and Sex Toys

On Saturday and Sunday, I went into central Tokyo. I actually go into the city proper only rarely because it's too expensive. It costs about $2-$3 every time you ride a train or subway (even if you only ride it one stop), a cup of coffee will set you back about $5, and given that today (Monday) is a national holiday,… »11/03/13 9:25pm11/03/13 9:25pm

Heterosexual Cisgender Queering of Transgender Sexuality

There are moments in our lives where a previously understood but not formally "known" concept becomes clear to our conscious minds. The light bulb goes off, we shriek "Eureka!" and jump out of the bath tub, running through the streets naked and we—I mean, uh, what? »9/09/13 10:52am9/09/13 10:52am

Cis Feminists Need To Understand “Provisional” Male Privilege

This isn't the first time I have brought this up, but it bears repeating because of some recent conversations I had with fellow women's college alumna (all different women's colleges, including myself), and even my mother! When discussing how trans women engage in feminism due to their own experiences with… »7/14/13 5:07pm7/14/13 5:07pm

Shimura Takako's Landmark LGBT Manga Series To End

In two days, Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) will end. In less than two weeks, Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) will also end. Both have been running for a long time now, Hourou Musuko has been running since 2002, and Aoi Hana has been running since 2004. However, they did not gain national or international attention… »7/05/13 6:32am7/05/13 6:32am

Transgender 1st Grader Wins Right To Use Girls' Restroom

If you pay attention to LGBT issues in general and trans issues in specific, it would be hard to have missed the story of Coy Mathis's fight to use the girls' bathroom at her elementary school. On Sunday, the Colorado Civil Rights Division found that an unnecessarily hostile situation was created by the Fountain-Fort… »6/24/13 7:30am6/24/13 7:30am

Social Security Administration Finally Allows Gender Identity Change

Yesterday marked the start of the Social Security Administration finally getting their shit together and allowing us USian trans folks the ability to change our gender marker in the SSA database without having sex reassignment surgery first. The guidelines are almost identical to those which were established for… »6/19/13 5:05am6/19/13 5:05am

Trans Feminism: What is It? Is It Necessary?

Being a trans woman and a feminist, I am often saddened and deeply troubled by the supposed gap or conflict between trans activism and feminism. As an intersectional feminist, I happen to know that there are many feminist/women's spaces which care deeply about trans issues and which recognise how these issues are, in… »5/15/13 9:43am5/15/13 9:43am