Yes, Race and Gender Are Social Constructs. No, They Are Not Alike

Recent events in blackface have brought renewed attention to the concept of social construction. If gender is a social construct and race is as well, some wonder why it’s okay for transgender people to change their gender presentation but not for white people to become black. The answer is that yes, race and gender… »6/18/15 12:26am6/18/15 12:26am


Paying for It: The High Cost of Transgender Depression

I knew he was depressed before I knew that he wanted to be a woman. All the signs were there; low motivation, negativity, few plans for the future. That's the last sentence where I use the male pronoun, by the way. When she came out to us, it was kind of exciting. It was, at least, something to talk about. As gossip… »1/07/15 1:26pm1/07/15 1:26pm

Let It Be (But Don't Let It Go, Because I Can't Hear That Again)

Recently, a friend asked me for some parenting advice (RAISE YOUR STANDARDS, PEOPLE) in regards to her young son, who will be attending a family wedding soon and wants to wear something "pretty and sparkly like his sisters." She knows my 6-year-old son is forever in a dress of some variety at my house, despite a… »4/14/14 10:30am4/14/14 10:30am

WSJ Opinion: Gender Wage Gap Is a "Myth"

A WSJ opinion piece published on the eve of Equal Pay Day takes issue with the President's State of the Union remarks regarding the pay disparity between women and men, specifically aiming at the oft quoted 77 cents on the dollar statistic. The authors proceed to drill down into Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers in… »4/08/14 10:53pm4/08/14 10:53pm

Women do better on math tests when they fake their names

There's a pernicious myth that says women aren't as good at math as men. And disturbingly, reminding women of this stereotype just before they write a math test will have a detrimental affect on their performance. So what would happen if a woman could pretend to be someone else while writing the test? »7/04/13 8:37pm7/04/13 8:37pm