So, by now you've probably heard that the healthcare website is really bad, right? Like, it's so bad that it's THE WORST.

And everyone is apologizing, because, y'know, someone has to take the blame. The Pres has apologized, the contractors have refused to do anything but not apologize, and now Sebelius is apologizing.


But let's face it: Sebelius isn't at fault. Nor is Obama. Nor is anyone, really. Have you ever played a new online game at launch? Has it ever worked well? The answer is no, it never works well. World of Warcraft was a disaster at launch. Diablo III was also a disaster. And those are games made by a company that doesn't have dozens of competing contractors due to weird federal rules. How often is Steam down for maintenance? And these are online products designed by companies with combined decades of experience. Did we really expect one of the largest online undertakings in American history to work perfectly from launch?

I will say this much: Obama is really bad at managing expectations. It still doesn't change site design challenges, though...

I know the media won't give a rat's ass about my opinion on this, but I really wish we could stop trying to "blame" someone and just focus on fixing the site. I won't bother hoping for people to understand how complicated web design is, because that's like asking people to understand how their cars work (and cars are comparatively simple.) In the end, Sebelius will get shit on by FOX, Obama will get shit on by FOX, and nobody will care in 3 months when the bugs get chased out and the site works really well.