What's in Your Wallet? A Guide to U.S. Mint Marks

The United States Mint has been in operation since 1792. In the years since its founding, the Mint has produced coins for the United States (as well as occasional times minting coins for other countries). At first, the Mint operated out of its Philadelphia facility. It has since expanded over the years, establishing… » 5/27/15 12:53pm Yesterday 12:53pm

How are the Duggars dealing with the Gothard sex scandal?

If there is anything that the Duggars love more than tater tot casserole and Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray, it is the Institute of Basic Life Principles (which is the umbrella organization that runs, among other things, the Advanced Training Institute, providing homeschoolers with a Bible Based curriculum,… » 5/26/15 4:00pm Tuesday 4:00pm

What Should Be Free in America? 15 Suggestions

All week, I’ve been thinking about free stuff. Specifically, which things should be free to all Americans. I admit that I’m a big fan of free stuff generally (who doesn’t like free?) but the issue was brought into sharper focus after two conversations with friends.
» 5/24/15 5:42pm Sunday 5:42pm

Re: Reader-Run Subdomains

In 2013, when Gawker Media sites moved to the new Kinja platform, a set of reader forums—including Groupthink on Jezebel, Observation Deck on io9, and Opposite Lock on Jalopnik—moved with them. Other reader sites sprang up on the same model. The result was a group of reader-run sites on Gawker Media website domains,… » 5/21/15 2:52pm 5/21/15 2:52pm

Clive Barker is the LGBT* and Feminist Friendly Monarch of Horror 

The Scarlet Gospels, Clive Barker’s latest novel, was released yesterday, May 19th, 2015. The Scarlet Gospels seals Barker’s novel as the horror writer that defines our generation. Reading The Scarlet Gospels is akin to having your flesh sliced by the scalpel of a master surgeon (the scalpel or sharpened knife analogy… » 5/20/15 10:13am 5/20/15 10:13am

43 Dead in Attack on Bus in Karachi

43 people are dead and as many as 24 were seriously injured in a morning attack on a bus in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Most of the victims were members of the Ismaili community, a sub-sect of Shia Islam. Witnesses report that men on motorcycles surrounded the bus before boarding and shooting the passengers inside. » 5/13/15 4:37am 5/13/15 4:37am

Will We All Be Replaced by Robots? Probably Not, But Let's Discuss It

Robots have captured our imagination for as long as the idea of technology has existed. Whether you’re talking about steam shovels or automated check-out kiosks, there has always been that pervasive, lingering concern that we will ultimately lose some kind of battle against the machines that we are creating to make… » 5/10/15 6:53pm 5/10/15 6:53pm

Mythos in Heavy Metal Music 

Metal music has historically had strong undercurrents of misogyny. Even metal’s brightest recent stars have been culpable of a contributing to “a culture of crass sexism,” as described in Dom Lawson’s 2014 piece for The Guardian. Although metal, like many musical genres, has its faults, this music is still worthy of… » 5/07/15 2:10pm 5/07/15 2:10pm

Christian Game Developer Makes Game to Kill Queer People

Steam’s Greenlight initiative, aimed at giving smaller developers a chance to develop on the platform, has not been without its problems. Valve instituted a $100 fee in order to “cut down on the noise” of joke submissions. That level of oversight did not prevent Randall Herman, Christian skateboarding shoe cobbler » 5/05/15 1:21pm 5/05/15 1:21pm

Let’s Nerd Out About Age of Ultron!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron opened this weekend, as I’m sure all kids, adults and breathing vertebrates are aware of. Being one of the biggest movie franchises out these days, buzz about the second Avengers movie is already saturating the internet. There has been some praise, some criticism, some thought-provoking … » 5/04/15 10:33pm 5/04/15 10:33pm

Avengers: Age of Misogyny (Spoilers Ahead)

Avengers: Age of Ultron hit American theatres yesterday, and it’s been interesting to see the reactions. Personally, I’m of the opinion that it’s better than Avengers, and around the same level as Guardians of the Galaxy (which I rank second to Captain America: The Winter Soldier) among the Marvel Cinematic Universe… » 5/03/15 12:05am 5/03/15 12:05am

Zodiac Porn: Everyone Agrees That Your Dad Was Not The Zodiac Killer

When Gary L. Stewart’s book The Most Dangerous Animal Of All dropped in June 2014, the Zodiac killer case received something it hadn’t seen since the movie Zodiac debuted in 2007: major mainstream media attention. HarperCollins, the publisher, played it coy, neglecting to release any information about the book until… » 4/30/15 11:43am 4/30/15 11:43am